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Your family consists of many members. Your 40-gallon water heater is not enough for your family. You need to install a new water heater, even more gallons, or a tankless water heater; TX Water Heater will install the hot water heater you need, whatever its type or brand.

Tankless Water Heater

A tankless water heater provides an endless hot water supply, but it won't without regular maintenance. Keeping your tankless hot water heater in great shape will protect your investments. Use TX Water Heater's help to keep your water heater in excellent working condition; call us now!

TX Water Heater

Do you need a water heater plumber near me in Houston, Texas? When you need help with your water heater repair & installation service in Dallas, Texas, the expert plumbers from TX Water Heater are ready to be your go-to plumbers to call right now; contact us!

Electric Water Heater

It's common to take your hot water heater for granted until it runs out of hot water! That's why, when you have issues with your electric water heater, call us at TX Water Heater. We are specialized in gas or electric water heater repair & installation for all tank and tankless models.

Installing Tankless Water Heater

Do you want to enhance your house's hot water system? Seek a new tankless water heater service in Dallas, Texas? If this is what you currently need, you should contact TX Water Heater's installing tankless water heater techs today without hesitation for immediate help.

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Bring Your Home A Practical Solution

A 50-gallon water heater has become an old appliance to use, as it consumes lots of energy on non-used water, so you pay a lot of money on your monthly bills. So it would help if you thought about a tankless water heater to get unlimited hot water and has many other good features that will facilitate your life.

TX Water Heater recommends a tankless water heater because it saves you a place and energy. Also, it’s a practical solution if there are many members in the same house. If you want to change to an electric tankless water heater, you can call for our services in Park Row as you will find us as soon as possible.

All Day Water Heater Services

We will be happy to answer any inquiries.

Water heater installation is not that easy, as it needs a professional plumber to do it. Because of this, TX Water Heater can provide the service at affordable rates anytime you need it. Our company can install a gas water heater, an electric water heater, and even an electric tankless water heater as our technicians can install any type of water heater.

Our hot water heater repair services include repairing water heater leaking, cleaning 40-gallon water heater tanks, and repairing 40-gallon water heaters. A water heater replacement can be done swiftly and in a high-quality service that you will enjoy if your appliance needs to be replaced. Contact us anytime to set an appointment to get the best services in Park Row.

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Frequently Asked Questions?


Tankless water heaters are like the other home appliances, it gets damaged in the long run. There is a public misunderstanding about water heaters, which can operate forever without malfunctions and lack of performance, which is not the right thing to keep in mind.

As one of the essential home appliances, the water heater needs a professional technician; it can be a plumber for repairing, installation, and replacement. A water heater provides hot water, and that’s an important thing inside the building, especially during the freezing weather.

Thinking that home appliances are built to last forever is incorrect; every device has its average operating time. After that, it will start to perform less than usual until it collapses.

The primary purpose of having a water heater is to have hot water; when it does not produce hot water, what is the worth of a water heater? The most widespread problem with water heaters is the temperature, and they are not producing hot water, so what is the solution for such a problem? It depends on the type of the water heater, whether it is a tank water heater or a tankless water heater.

Kenmore At Reasonable Prices

Excellent Installation Service Is Guaranteed

TX Water Heater recommends you some brands to make your buying process easier, faster and more professional, as we recommend Kenmore hot water heater, as it lineup hybrid model with plenty of features to help energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint. An ENERGY STAR-certified energy-saving device uses heat from the surrounding air to help warm the water to the appropriate temperature.

Also, it provides you with the modern water heaters you need for your home at reasonable prices; if you need to do water heater replacement and change to Kenmore water heater in Park Row, we can do that within a blink of an eye. Just call and brief us with the type of hot water heater you want.

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